Simply, An incredible place to be!!!

Villamartin Plaza SpainFor visitors heading to the southern Costa Blanca in Spain, there are many attractions to take in. From the wonderful sights and smells of the orange and lemon groves that line the roads, history of the region offers to the wonderful year round temperatures, the Orihuela Costa has so much going for it. Villamartin Plaza is located in the heart of this wonderful area ensuring its visitors a perfect time during both day and at night. When it comes to relaxing under the warming sun during the day or enjoying a meal under the stars, Villamartin Plaza is the place to be. With the sun drenched terraces of the local restaurants and bars, what better place to sip on a cool drink and listen to the parrots as the days passes by

Villamartin Plaza Communal PoolVillamartin Plaza is a one of a kind! Residential homes overlook into the beautiful palm lined central area to the restaurants and bars below. There are two levels to explore set across the typical Spanish architecture. Wrought iron balconies, terracotta and ceramic tiles and stunning Spanish style lamps add to the atmosphere, which, combined with the exotic smells and sounds of laughter are always alluring. A varied and heady mix of food is available from regional delicacies to full international menus. Varieties of English, German, Argentinian, Spanish, Italian and American fare makes Villamartin Plaza the centrifuge of the area.


Ray Lewis with Rob Falsini and Casey ShaddockAt the Villamartin Plaza you will always find something going on. The Plaza is known not only for places to eat, have a drink or enjoy the sun, but for the nightly music entertainment in the central plaza during the summer nights. Sit and dine at your favourite restaurant, sip on a drink and listen to music and even have a dance. This past summer 2017 brought us an amazing array of music from all over and huge headline acts such as Ray Lewis from the Drifters, Alan Warner from the Foundations, Andy Abraham, Oneida James and Rob Falsini and many more well known acts from the UK and those local to Spain. 2018 will be the best with huge stars and the season ending with the one and only Leo Sayer and many other big stars from around the world! No matter the time or day you will always find enjoyment at the Villamartin Plaza. Check out the events for 2018 in the event section.


The Summer Music Festival 2018 has been decided and the list is up. Look in the events section and make your plans now to come to the best venue for entertainment on the Costa Blanca. Please follow us on Facebook @VillamartinPlaza or here and see all of the action in the Villamartin Plaza, you won’t regret it!!!


Charity Days in Villamartin PlazaThe Villamartin Plaza has become known as a main supporter of local charities such as children’s homes, local shelters and of course the Help for Heroes in the UK. In 2016 we raised over 20,000 euros and 2017 34,000 euros all going straight to the charities. Apart from the money, the charity days are immensely fun having things for kids to do both young and old! We have a great fun time with music all day and raising money.


The Villamartin Plaza Charity Events 2018
Villamartin Plaza First Class DiningFood and drink are one of the main reasons so many visit the Villamartin Plaza with world renown restaurants and bars known to people all over the world. Some of the best food on the Costa Blanca is served up in our restaurants with top class cuisine from English fare to Spanish, German to Kebabs and Argentinian to Cafes we have it all! There are bars open all day to sit and sip a sangria with the sun tipping down on you to music venues and karaoke in the evening. No matter what you enjoy, the Villamartin Plaza will surely fill your wants.

Villamartin PlazaOther businesses operate from the plaza such as our local grocery store, doctor’s surgery, real estate and rental agents, hair dressers boutiques and more. Holiday makers choose this as their central home when on holiday as Villamartin Plaza offers everything one would require on holiday. It is easy to understand why this is the most prominent holiday destination on the Costa Blanca.


Villamartin Plaza Weddings & Blessings with Alan & Aimee Kennedy

The Plaza with its beauty and splendor has now been recognized as a perfect setting for weddings. We had the joy in 2016 of hosting a wedding as well a blessing. If you are thinking about having your wedding in Spain, what better place to have it, a beautiful setting, plenty of restaurants to cater, simply the best place to be, and it’s easy! So give us a call and let’s help you arrange the best wedding ever!

Come and visit the Villamartin Plaza we call home, make friends, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, dine at well know restaurants, sip cocktails as the sun sits on one of the most famous destinations in Spain. Once you have been here you will always return as most do every year, The Villamartin Plaza, simply put “An Incredible Place To Be”.

Villamartin Plaza

Villamartin Plaza, An Incredible Place To Be!